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Rooney’s Update

DSC_0308After spending the last few months with my sister and her dachshund Fritz, Rooney ( the little wire haired terrier we brought home from the Gap of Dunloe) is preparing to relocate to Maryland this June. Dear and close friends who have traveled with us to Ireland have decided to bring another dog into their lives. So, this spring the little pup who traveled across the ocean and spent many adventures with us in Ireland, will be the newest addition to their family. It wasn’t difficult to convince them why Rooney should be their first pick…..after all he’s dashing, clever, affectionate and small enough to travel under the seat of a plane. He’s had an excellent start in the loving and nurturing company of my sister, Joanne, who will hate to see him move on but knows that his new life-long adoptive family will give him the best of what he needs. I’m sure it won’t be the last you hear of Rooney…..and don’t forget, there’s Jack, the young border collie who will be taking his own trip across the Atlantic this spring. ( more on him soon! )DSC02310
Before I head over to Ireland later this week, Rooney and I will have ourselves one more adventure before he takes up residence with his new family, the Guytons.
This evening he and I will take to the high seas and experience one last boat ride. This time in the Penobscot Bay here in Maine along with captain Wayne Hamilton. This is no April Fools joke. Rooney loves the drama and action of the sea. Ever since his hike on Sherkin Island in Co. Cork back in November, along with Dr. Mike O’Connor, he feels well suited and prepared for any high sea adventure. Ears blowing back in the wind, sea spray whipping around, maneuvering under and over barb wire fencing, scrambling over slippery cliffs,
this has given Rooney all the confidence and zest for adventure he’ll ever need. Stay tuned for pictures of our trip across the Penobscot in posts to come! DSC02520

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