I have arrived back in the States after an exciting book launch and marketing start. The launch at the Red Fox was unexpected and so gratifying. So many friends, those who had learned about the book via a Kerry Radio interview with Deirdre Walsh, the fellows who had allowed me to interview, and my family and friends were there giving me praise. I was so fortunate that the Chairman for the Listowel Writing Week, Sean Lyons, so kindly came down to Glenbeigh to do the launch. I came up with the notion of riding a horse into the pub down the red carpet John Mulvihill had rolled out for the event but it was proving difficult to arrange. So my own donkey Teacup came along. He was a natural.. walked in, flashes going off into his face, it didn’t bother him a bit. I took the mike and Teacup and I thanked all those for coming and related why I had done this book and how meaningful all the friendships are that I have made in Ireland.

We sold an amazing amount of books that night.

Next.. Selling at Puck Fair. The first day of Puck I was down at Evan’s field set up in the vendors area. My dear friends and sister were located in the town just outside O’Grady’s Pub and B&B. The weather was fine, thank goodness, for all three days ! The most rewarding and exciting part of selling at the fair was as people came over, poured through the book and saw themselves or a loved one their words or expressions said it all. It was then I realized my mission had been successful- show the horsemen of Kerry just how unique and special they are. And what they do, needed to be recorded for future generations, who many not be able to experience this social time worn event as economic pressures takes it’s toll.

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