Here in Ireland, with the intention of selling some of the books at the Gap Of Dunloe horse fair, I walked away with a bit more than I bargained for. As described in the book, the art of trading and bargaining is so much of what these fairs are about. Well, as horse trader Tommy Doyle would say, “ I’ve was bit by the bug”.

Before the day was done, this is what we walked away with:

  • 4 plastic, battery operated, statues of the Virgin Mary
  • 1 cast iron shephard’s hut cook stove ( with tea pot)
  • and two, 2 lb., wet and cold wire haired terriers ……. “ would you trade one of your books there, for a puppy?” “ Would you trade two of your books for two Puppies?”. A quick nod from my assistant and off we went.

And……just before pulling away from the fair grounds , a young blacksmith hurries to catch us hoping to buy some photographs of his daughter riding her Cobb. He offers us twenty euros but his freckled face twelve year has her sights on one of our puppies…..another deal sealed!


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