A Fair Day The Horsemen of County Kerry would never have materialized without the help and encouragement from a great many people. I never dreamed that taking those first pictures in
Milltown, Co. Kerry in 2004 would lead me on a journey ending by publishing a book.

My heartfelt thanks to Stephanie Mains, my niece, for introducing me to Donie O’Sullivan at one of the spring fairs. He has opened a lot of doors for me and has been a strong supporter of this project.

To Paudy O’Shea, local vet, who has given encouragement and introductions.

Thanks to Tom Pickersgill, Trudy Eldridge, and Dina Petrillo who all read the text and gave me great feedback.

Appreciation to friends Joyce Ray and Linda Edwards who came to Ireland to help launch the book.

Many thanks to John and Olive Mulvihill, proprietors of the Red Fox Pub for hosting the book launch.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to those who were willing to be interviewed and sharing their life’s experiences with horses and the fairs. My sincere gratitude to Jason and Rollie Rogers, Tommy Doyle, Timmy and Paddy McGillicuddy, Terence Mc Gough, John Cronin, John Joe Sullivan, John Costello, Sean Og O’Sullivan and Charlie O’Brien.

To Al Trescott at Rocky Hill Publishers.

Deepest thanks to Marcie Bronstein who did the book design. You were brilliant.

I thank my husband Tom, who has encouraged me and shown great patience while I follow my passion for horses and to pursue this project to the end.

My sister Joanne, who read and edited the text so skillfully. To cross the finish line with your help was invaluable and special.

Tom Pickersgill, Trudy Eldridge, and Dina Petrillo who gave me help in edits.

To dear friend Denise Miner Sawyer, who traveled with me to Ireland from Maine, to conduct the interviews. She truly understands what these men represent and what a loss for the world when they leave it. The hours putting this project together we shared many wonderful special moments, I can’t thank you enough Denise.

And to The Horsemen of County Kerry, you have my deepest respect and thanks. Without your being tolerant of all those photographs I took of you, this would never happened and along the way, I now have the honor of calling many of you my friends. This book is my thanks to you.

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