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Photos taken during a book presentation & signing event organized by the Ocean Reef Art League sponsored on March 12th in Key Largo, Fl.

Sally Savage's book speaks to a wide variety of audiences and touches many subjects of popular interest: Ireland and the Irish culture, horses and their masters, landscape, interior and portrait photography, the possible connection between a simpler life and happiness, vanishing cultures and traditions.

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"This is a unique record of an ancient but little-documented local tradition that is part of the fabric of rural life hereabouts. Kerry’s colourful horse traders, their livestock and their wares are memorably portrayed in Sally Savage’s compelling and affectionate photographic essay.

There is an amazing freshness and spontaneity ..."

Alannah Hopkin, author of Eating Scenery: West Cork, the People and the Place

Sally Savage


Growing up on a working farm in mid-coast Maine in the 1960’s, gave me the perfect environment to appreciate living creatures and develop my love for animals. This love has never left me and I find my life is not complete without them. Hence I have a pasture filled with sheep, mini horses and chickens. From these scenes, I find much inspiration coming from either watching the animals in everyday poses or in their personalities.

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